Who Will Be at the Market This Week?

Well, we hope YOU will be there, of course…

It is the 50-mile Route 90 Garage Sale weekend, so we know that HUNDREDS of folks will be out and about, seeking treasures along the side of the road.

There will be lots of treasure at the market this weekend, too!

Returning vendors from last week:

  • Folls Flower Farm (beatiful floral bouquets)
  • Grisamore Farms (blueberries, red raspberries, peaches, lettuce, beans, and other veggies)
  • Genoa Heights (veggies, including local sweet corn)
  • Brown’s Green Garden (arugula and other veggies)
  • Match Mate Farms (edible herb bouquets)

New this week will be:

  • Aurora Ale and Lager (offering free tastings for those over 21)
  • Camille’s Clubhouse (veggies)

and a special guest market vendor for this week only:

  • San Pedro Community, an El Salvadoran “sister community” with the Poplar Ridge Friends church – beautiful hand crafted items, Fair Trade coffee

And last but not least, last week, we promised folks free donuts this week. We will deliver on that promise this week.

Don’t miss it! It sounds like the weather will be glorious on Saturday morning.farmers-market-veggies


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