The idea for the Village of Aurora Farmers Market was born in the summer of 2014 from a conversation between the village mayor and the director of the new Center for Sustainability and the Environment at Wells College.  The Center director noted that the village was a classic example of a “food desert”,  with village residents and college students lacking regular access to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. A farmers market was identified as a possible strategy to address this situation. In a happy coincidence, the Cayuga Community Fund  solicited proposals for projects meeting identified needs within communities in this upstate New York county.  We submitted our farmers market proposal and were delighted to be selected for funding to implement our vision.

The mission of the Village of Aurora Farmers Market is to provide access to high quality, locally grown and/or produced food and other products to promote and support local farmers and small businesses in our southern Cayuga County region.

We seek market vendors interested in seizing this opportunity to sell their wares. If you are interested in receiving a market vendor application packet, please click the Contact Us form.

We look forward to meeting our community’s shoppers, eager to meet their food shopping needs by “buying local” from neighborhood growers and area producers.



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