It sounds like our amazing weather streak might be broken tomorrow…


I suppose it was too good to last for the whole season. We did have an amazing run of sunny, dry weather for the first seven weeks of the Farmers Market. While our local growers and farmers DO need the rain, it would great if it could hold off until after 1:00PM tomorrow…

Let’s all go out and do a reverse rain dance tonight, shall we? “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.”  

But don’t let a few raindrops hold you back from coming down to the market. Don a slicker or bring along an umbrella, just in case, but come to the market tomorrow.

We will be there with lots of great fresh veggies and fruit, baked goods, flowers, plants. We will also have a special guest vendor tomorrow: local supporters of the San Pedro Community will be selling fair trade coffee and handcrafted items made by the residents of this El Salvadoran “sister city” to the Friends Meeting in Poplar Ridge.

We will also be offering a raffle for another Farmers Market Goodie Basket, stuffed with items purchased from tomorrow’s Market vendors.

Be sure to wave at all the cyclists participating in the annual Aids Ride for Life fundraising cycle around Cayuga Lake, who go through Aurora on their way north.


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