So, who won this week’s Farmers Market Goodie Basket…?

We offered another basket filled with goodies from almost every vendor joining us this week. Our basket was filled to the brim with blueberries from Grisamore Farms, a couple fruit turnovers and a jar of raspberry jelly from Byler’s Baked Goods, squash and a cucumber from Green Gardens, apples and a big garlic clove from Glennon Garlic, peppers from Dragonfly Hill Farm, and some ears of corn from Genoa Heights. To enter to win, shoppers just had to fill out a simple survey form (and yes, we ARE tracking the survey responses and NO, we aren’t keeping your contact information on file!). This week’s lucky winner: Ginger Johnson from Aurora. Congratulations! We dropped the basket on Ginger’s back porch, but she wasn’t home for us to snap a picture of her with her prize.


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