Who will be at the market this week – besides you, that is?

Who will be at the market this week? At the moment, we know of ten vendors who will be returning: Grisamore Farms (fruit, veggies, and fall mums), Byler’s Baked Goods, Aurora Ale & Lager, Dragonfly Hill Farms (veggies, eggs, and llama and sheep wool knitted items), Genoa Heights (offering Cayuga Produce sweet corn, and veggies from McGarden and Brown’s Green Gardens), Sonny’s Best Produce, and Green Gardens (veggies and nursery plants). We heard from a few more folks this week interested in possibly joining us, so look for some new faces and products over the coming weeks. We hope we will see YOU at the market this week, too!

Line forms for Genoa Heights veggies and greens


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