Drawing this week for nifty reusable salad container….

Come join us this week at the Market. The weather forecast is for partly sunny skies, with warm and dry conditions: perfect marketing weather!

We will be holding several drawings throughout the market day for these nifty little salad carriers, donated to us by the Cayuga Community Health Network. See the photos below. The 5 pieces all nest inside one another. The base holds a generous helping of greens while the separate insert holds additional veggies you might want to add. Salad dressing gets its own spiffy little container, making it easy to shake it up before applying it or letting you keep your dressing ‘on the side’. The whole shebang even has a place to keep ts own matching fork. Very cool!

You KNOW you want one! But you gotta come to the market to enter the drawing – just answer some simple questions.



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