When life gives you lemons…

This week at the market, we will be handing out recipe cards for delicious and easy salsas made from tomatoes, of course, but also recipes using different fruits and vegetables: tomatillos, plums, sweet red peppers, peaches, even sweet corn – all produce items you can find at our market. We also found some interesting chutney recipes. Look for the recipe cards scattered about at the vendor stalls selling veggies and fruits. Visit all the vendors to collect all the recipe cards! We will even have a beer muffin recipe at the Aurora Ale & Lager stall. (Altho’ really, plan to buy poorer quality “suds” to make the muffins, and save the Aurora Ale to drink while your beer muffins are baking). make salsa sign

See you Saturday at the Market. Come by, come buy!


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